Renovations - Modernise Your Home To Suit Your Lifestyle.

A simple renovation can bring back to life your tired kitchen, outdated bathroom/ensuite or simply add.

Find out how you can transform your home to get the most out of its design. 

A free consultation is the start to some intriguing renovation possibilities for your home.


Home Extensions

A extension to your home isn’t just giving yourself a bit more room.  It’s so much more...

It’s maximizing your lifestyle - giving you the space to go after what really matters.

It’s adding value to your investment - making your home’s resale value grow.

It’s letting your family grow - with extra room for the kids, or a nice master bedroom.

Home extensions with C&J Designer Homes match your home design perfectly, and make your everyday life that much easier.

Are you not sure where to start on extensions? We can assist you. Bring your home designs and ideas to a free consultation.

All C&J Designer Homes renovation projects have a fixed completion time.

This means you know exactly when you’ll be able to back into your newly renovated rooms.

Rejuvenate Kitchens

Kitchens should be inspiring. When a kitchen is custom designed to meet your precise specifications, it breathes new life into not only your home but your social life.

C&J Designer Homes renovations transform your existing kitchen to a kitchen that works around you. Think light that gives a sense of space, room to maneuver and a look that feels decidedly modern.

Find out how you can transform your kitchen - contact C&J Designer Homes or fill in the form for a free consultation.

Revitalize Bathrooms

Bathrooms a place of comfort, a place to prepare and a place to relax.

Maximize your space with upgraded benches, sinks, baths, showers and cabinetry.

Would you like to know what is new in bathroom renovations?  

Reach out and let the C&J’s Designer Homes design team find out what is important to you and what will work for your bathroom space. 

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