Our Approach

C&J Designer Homes are custom home builders with over 45 years experience building elegant homes in time tested tradition all over Victoria. Crafting luxury homes on any kind of block, exquisite extensions and transformative renovations.

Each build, renovation or extension is unique. Fine craftsmanship depends on the details, from a brand new modern home to a kitchen upgrade. 

Each of our clients is different yet one thing never changes…  

Our approach to giving you the exactly what you want, no matter the scale.

The C&J Designer Homes Consultation Room.
The C&J Designer Homes Consultation Room.
Step 1 - Initial Brief and Budget

You’ll meet with our staff and discuss the project that will result in the creation of your dream home. Here we’ll start to look at the details to make it all happen.

Our team will give you a budget as a rough estimate as to what your project is going to cost.

Step 2 – Preliminary Documentation & Concept Design

This step is all about getting a rock solid foundation for the project.  
We do an in depth survey of the site including such things as a soil report.  
Together we work on getting the concepts of the design crystal clear and begin looking at the specifics that make your project perfect.

Step 3 – Preliminary Floor Plans and Elevations Complete

You receive your preliminary architectural designs that reflect all the work completed in the previous steps.  
This is your time to make sure your plan is what you’ve been imagining.

Step 4 – Final Plan Approval

You sign off on the plan - this is where you confirm the home or renovation is just the way you want it.

Step 5 – Budget Estimate

Here’s where costs start to take shape.  Now that the plan is approved and the design specifications are finalised we can get a far more defined idea of the budget involved.

Step 6 – Material Selection Meeting

The fun part. Colour selection meetings are on the cards.  You’ll get assistance from the C&J Designer Homes team.  
The materials are just as important and are a key aspect in the quality, feel and overall appearance of the final product.

Step 7 – Final Quote

The last and most important aspect.  A fixed contract price.
A fixed contract is vital so you know what you’ll be paying for your new home.
There will be no surprises as the work is being done.

Step 8 – Contract Presentation

All the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s crossed.  You have your contract and a great representation of what your imagination can create.

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