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Crest Avenue - Federation Home Design.

Federation style homes are a tribute to an architectural style with roots deep in the origins of Australia. Perhaps even one of the first truly Australian styles.  

Dark red bricks are often a trademark of federation homes, a subtle allusion to the red centre.

C&J Designer Homes is a leader in Federation home design.  Working with you to make sure your Federation plans will blend classical appeal with modern functionality.

In Australian architecture, few builders genuinely recognise the attention to detail required in designing and constructing an authentic Federation reproduction home.

C&J Designer Homes has over 45 years of designing and building Federation style homes in Melbourne.

Our experience and work history speak for itself, ensuring that when you choose C&J Designer Homes who choose quality, reliability and the expertise that can turn dreams into reality.

Please visit our gallery for Federation home design inspiration or contact us directly for a free consultation.

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